driving moving truck

These days a person would do just about anything to cut cost in this tough economy. Even when it comes to moving your home, you may either want to lock in on the lowest prices to do so or you may opt to get the job done yourself. One of the ways in which you can cut back on moving costs is by renting and then driving the moving truck to your new destination.

No matter how much of a seasoned driver you are with your own vehicle, you could really never anticipate what it is like to drive a moving truck. The minute you find out that you would be moving, you should the moving truck company to secure a truck for your moving day. Make sure that the truck is the right size and can hold all your items comfortably. Remember that a truck that is not big enough to fit your household items could cost you more time as you may have to drive to and from your new home and then back again to pick up the extra items.

Similarly, if the truck is too big then the empty spaces can cause your items to sway this way and that which could eventually cause damage. Perhaps you can ask the moving company to recommend a truck size that would hold all your items comfortably. You can also pay a small fee to have someone from the moving company come to your home and evaluate your items to determine the size of the truck you should get. When you have the truck in your possession, give it a test drive in a wide open space so that you can get familiar with everything from the controls, to even adjusting the seat and mirrors to further help you on moving day.

Once you have all the aforementioned sorted out and moving day arrives, here are a few things you may want to look out for when driving to your new home. Firstly, unlike your personal vehicle, you would have to take wider turns when you drive the truck. Also, you may have chosen a pretty high truck and because of this, you may need to take an alternate route especially if the truck is too tall to get on the underpass, bridges and drive-thru places to name a few.

Professional moving truck drivers would also advise that you pull your brakes early as you approach a stop light and do not back up the vehicle unless you have someone with you who can get out of the vehicle and guide you. Most of all find out if you can get insurance coverage for the truck just in case there are any vehicular damages along the way. Even if your insurance company does not cover it, it would be wise if you were to find an insurance company that does.