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What is the easiest way to get moving to your new location without too much stress in a do-it-yourself moving project? By using a pod, of course. Pods are moving containers that were invented back in the late 1980s to help make moving a lot easier for most. For the moving party that is strapped for cash, a pod container could also help to save you a lot of money as well.

After you rent a pod from a moving company, you are able to take the pod away to your home where you would start packing to relocate. The nice part about renting a pod is that if you have no intentions of moving within the next few days, the pod allows you to start packing your items little by little and at your own pace until it is completed.

There are no professional movers involved at this stage so right away you are eliminating moving labor costs. You can pretty much get a few friends and family together, have some good food waiting for them as they help you pack and store your items in the pod. The pods are placed at ground level so it makes it very easy for you to load and unload items into them without straining yourself.

When you are packing and storing your items in the pod to move you have jurisdiction over where the boxes should go or which corner of the square-shaped pod they should be stacked as well as the order of priority. Let’s say that you want to get your box with house cleaning essentials out of the truck first when you arrive, you would be able to stock it close to the pod’s entrance for easy access.

Because of the size of the pods, you can tightly pack a lot of items in your pod and be rest assured that they would be safe and secure. Unlike other moving vehicles, it is rare that your items would get shift around when they are in the pods. In addition, when the pods are being transported to your new location by the movers they are placed on a hydraulic lift and loaded on to the truck. The lift also eliminates shifting of your items to occur.

Pod containers are built to handle most weather conditions such as heat and water. This means that no matter the weather, you would still be able to move to your new home knowing that your items would be secured. The materials used in building a pod container also makes it durable enough to withstand rough treatment as well.