moving back home

You are excited because you are about to finish all of your course finals and complete the school year? You are accustomed to fast food, hanging out with friends, increased freedom and all the responsibilities of college. There is a big decision you have to make now that you are finishing the school year. Should you move home or stay at college this summer?

There are many things that you should consider when making this decision. Are you good with change? The way you act with change will affect the way your situation is perceived. If you get along great with your parents, you might be looking forward to spending more time with them for the summer months.

For those that clash with their parents, you might dread moving home and having a reduced amount of freedom. Even if you are expecting your parents to give you a hard time when you return home, you might be surprised by having a good experience. Remember, you have been away from your parents the entire year and they miss you. You have spent the year proving to them that you are an adult and you can handle your responsibilities.

Moving Home for the Summer


Live rent free for the summer – A major benefit of moving home for the summer is that you do not have to pay for rent. Returning to the safety and comfort of your childhood room is free.

Old friends reunite – You can see all of your old friends from high school that also returned for the summer.

Meals – Meals are made for you at home. Welcome back to mama’s home cooked meals.

Money – You are responsible for the cost of living and paying for food in college. When moving back home, you most likely will not have to worry about this.


Less independence – Even though you have been off at college on your own, there is a very good chance your parents will still want to know. They are your parents and they will always be curious about your life and who is in it.

Chores – When your back at home, expect to keep your room clean and the living space clean.

Reduced social life – When you are at college you can always find someone to hang out with. You can meet up with friends by simply walking down the dorm hall.

Moving – If you are moving back home then it is likely that you will have to hire a moving company or move yourself.

Timothy Patrick is a relocation adviser and writer for Movers-Moving.NET an online marketplace for hiring professional movers.