packing moving truck

Everyone can load a moving truck. But do you know how to load a moving truck properly? The key is to maximize the space and at the same time minimize any possible damage to your items. That makes this task a little trickier that it may seem initially. To make this task much easier, here are some tips on the proper way of loading a moving truck.

Lay out a protection.

Before you worry about how to pack a moving truck properly, a tarp or a plastic wrap must first be lain out on the floor of the moving trailer. This shall serve as protection for your possessions. The layer of tarp or plastic on the floor can protect your stuff from dust, dirt, scratches or whatever possible damage may come in the process of moving.

Start with the heaviest and largest items first.

In order to maximize the space available in the moving truck, it is a must that you start loading the heaviest and biggest items first. By putting the heaviest items out in the front of the truck, you also prevent the vehicle from dragging a back that is simply too heavy. And that can create an even more troublesome situation.

Among the heaviest items include the appliances. Your fridge, stove, washing machine, dishwasher and other heavy items must go in first. When you are loading these items, it is best to keep them in an upright position. Make sure to balance the weight as well. For instance, if you have both a washer and a dryer, place them opposite each other.

The next item which should be on your list includes the pieces of furniture. The chairs in the living room, the sofa and the rest of your entertainment unit shall go next. Keep in mind that the heaviest items should be on the bottom. Pack the items from the floor to the ceiling. Once you are finished with each layer, use a strap and wrap it around the items to hold them steady.

Protect the furniture.

Having the plastic wrap on the floor is not enough protection. It is a must that you use paper padding or moving blankets to protect the appliances and pieces of furniture, especially in the process of putting one on top of another. Surround the items with cushion. You can also use your mattress and place it in between the items. A box spring may also prove useful.

To save more money buying paper padding, use your blankets and sheets. Towels and linens may also be used for this purpose.

Place the long items against the walls of the truck.

The long items including long mirrors, headboards and table tops should be placed against the longest walls of the moving trailer. Load and put them in an upright position. Once you are done, secure the stuff to the side of the trailer. As mentioned previously, long items such as the mattress and box spring may also serve as cushion for the appliances and furniture pieces.

Load the boxes.

When you are done placing the heaviest, largest and longest items in position, you can now take the boxes. Again, start with the heaviest to the medium weight to the lightest of the boxes from the floor to the ceiling. Ultimately, the key on how to load a moving truck properly is proper space management.