moving story of Rezwana

It was March 1995 and I was a twenty-one-year-old mother of a one year old, married to a U.S. service member, and making the second move within a month. The first move brought us from Germany to Tennessee for six weeks before we had to move again to a small town not too far from Savannah, Georgia

While the bulk of our household goods would be shipped directly to Georgia in a few weeks, my husband and I still had a U-Haul trailer attached to our Chevy Blazer, containing all of the important “need now” items. On the morning that we left Tennessee, we packed our truck and trailer so tightly and still had to put items on top of our Blazer.

We headed out on the ten-hour trip, (breaks included), and made our way to our new life in Georgia. About eight hours into the trip, it was now early evening and we stopped for some dinner before finishing the last of our drive.  We must have been about two hours away from the destination when we heard an odd noise on the highway, but since it was dark, we couldn’t see anything and kept going. When we finally got to our destination, we received a call from my mother-in-law who had also received a call from a man who lived one hundred miles south of Atlanta.

He had found a suitcase on the highway, filled with jewelry and baby pictures and since I had been staying with my mother-in-law, her phone number was on my luggage tag and he was kind enough to call her. My husband then had to drive an hour and a half north to retrieve my suitcase. It was so kind of that man to call us about the suitcase as it contained priceless baby photos of my daughter.

So what did I learn from this adventure? Pack light and let the professionals move the stuff that can wait. All of my “need now” items really weren’t that important at the time. I just wanted as much of my possessions in my truck as possible because I didn’t trust the movers. I have moved many times since that move and the only time I ever had any problems was when I tried to move things on my own. I learned that hiring a reputable moving company takes away unnecessary stress. Only carry your important documents, photos, and other items that can’t be replaced.

There are many moving companies out there that charge rates based on how much space you use on a truck, whether you pack and they drive, or if you chose to have them pack and drive. These options are in place to help people make moves based on their own comfort level, which helps to eliminate stress. College students might also look up campus groups of students who perform moving services for college students. These might fit better into a college student’s budget, but make sure to read the reviews on any company or group that you choose to use in your move. Happy moving!