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moving truckSometimes due to budgetary restriction or personal preference we opt to DIY a move, but deciding to move without a moving company means that you are stuck with the task of picking out a moving truck. Before you call or visit a U-Haul to talk with the salesmen about renting a moving truck, I advise that you read this article to get some insider tips and tricks on how to pick out a moving truck. Picking out the right moving truck is a fine art that requires some attention to detail, but with these tips you’ll have at least a little guidance on picking out the moving truck that is right for your move.

  1. Consider the Mileage

When you rent a moving truck most companies will charge you per mile, but exactly how much they charge varies from company to company. Some moving companies will throw in a certain amount of miles into the contract then charge after you surpass that particular number. Call around to see what different moving truck rental companies offer then consider what will work best for the distance of your move.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Sometimes it can be tempting to go with smaller moving companies that offer better rates, but this may not work out so well for you if are moving a long distance. Moving companies that do not have a location where your moving means you have to turn around and return the moving van. This not only costs you time, money and energy, but you also may end up with extra unexpected fees if you did not plan on having to return the moving van.

  1. Insurance

moving insuranceLike any vehicle, it is required that you insure the moving van when you rent it. The cost of this moving insurance can sometimes even cost more than the actual moving truck! Research exactly what different companies offer for moving insurance, and how much they end up charging you for it. I would advise also looking into exactly what the moving truck insurance covers, because you do want to make sure you are covered in case any unfortunate accidents happen. As a bonus, by researching the insurance different moving company offer, it’ll help you narrow down exactly which moving truck company you should go with.

  1. Spend Time Shopping Around

A lot of people will just go to a U-Haul to pick out a moving van, because it is just one of the best-known moving companies out there. While U-Haul is a reputable company, there are lots and lots of other options to choose from. Shop online and offline to research what different companies have to offer. Also, there are lots of moving van coupons that pop up on coupon websites, so keep an eye open to see if perhaps you can grab up one of those to save a significant amount of money on your moving truck rental.

  1. Know What Size Moving Truck You Need

Often people will go with too big of a moving truck just to be “safe”, but if you are trying to move on a budget this precaution is really an expensive luxury. Measure everything out and figure out exactly what size moving truck you need.

  1. Reserve in Advanced

The further in advance, you reserve your moving truck, the less it is going to cost you. As soon as you know what day you are going to move begin researching and shopping around, so that you can reserve the truck as soon as possible.

  1. Move Off of Peak Time

Weekends and summertime are when people tend to move the most, so if you are one of the lucky ones who gets to choose a moving day, try to choose fall, winter or spring on a weekday.

  1. Consider Getting Movers

With all the research and work required in renting a moving truck, you may want to reconsider getting helpers to help you load and unload. Picking out a moving truck is one of the many things that moving companies save you time and energy on, so maybe if all of these listed items seem like a lot of work, reconsider hiring a movers to help you out.