upcycling ideas

Upcycling is the idea of re-using things that either you or other people don’t want anymore. But don’t let the idea of using ‘rubbish’ put you off. Upcycling can look edgy, raw and unique. It can be something as small as an old candle holder to keeping large furniture and breathing a new lease of life into it. Upcycling is fast becoming a trend among bars and restaurants that simply go for the old school look by using old furniture and lost treasures, not forgetting natural material found outside. But you can make this style work in the home and in the garden too. Here are 11 ideas to inspire you to upcycle your home this summer.

The Upcycled Pallet Table

A personal favorite of ours, a practical upcycled table for both indoor use and outdoor use and you are guaranteed no one will have the same. Sand it down, paint it up and finish with varnish. Make it yours.

upcycled pallet table


The Upcycled Fire Pit

Keep warm all night long with your own homemade, glowing fire pit made from a washing machine drum.

upcycled fire pit

Image Source HouseandFig

The Upcycled Church Bench

Yes, you heard us, church bench. Ok so these may not be the easiest piece of old furniture to come across. But if you’re lucky enough to find one, do not throw it away. What a beautiful bench for a conservatory, kitchen or hallway. These benches also come with the bonus of added storage space.

Upcycled Church Bench

Image source Hometalk

Simply Upcycled Wine Bottle Candlestick Holder

Ok, it cannot get any easier or simple. Two old wine bottles would look fantastic on a mantelpiece, several dotted around the garden or as a centerpiece on the table. Just let the wax drip down the bottle for an older, rustic look.

Wine Bottle Candlestick Holder

Image Source RuffledBlog

The Upcycled Tree Stump Coffee Table

Whether you have just moved in or fancy giving your garden a vamp up, spare wood has its uses. Our favorite way to use a tree stump is as a coffee table. A sturdy and natural product which is perfect for holding a cuppa.

Tree Stump Coffee Table

The Upcycled Lantern

Light up those warm summer nights with a little inspiration, some old food tins and a few tea lights. What a perfect garden decoration with no cost! Make patterns to suit the mood you want to create outside.

Upcycled Lantern

Image Source Wedding Bells

The Upcycled Plant Pot

Keep your plants grounded and looking stylish in a homemade pallet plant pot. Those pallets have so many uses, don’t throw them away.

Upcycled Plant Pot

The Upcycled Bike Rack

Create space whilst making your biking hobby a statement by using an old bike seat to hang it up. These old seat hooks look like hunter trophies, bang on trend and of course, animal-friendly.

Upcycled Bike Rack

Image Source ThisIsColossal

The Upcycled Tire Puff

Paint it any color you like, cover with your choice of material and there you have it. Place these upcycled tire puffs in a quiet area of the garden, creating a relaxing, colorful environment for the children to enjoy.

Upcycled Tire Puff

Image Source TopInspired

The Upcycled Tire Swing

Not just to be enjoyed by the kids. Make use of your old tires and rope that just hang around. Spend your Summer evenings creating memories for your family to treasure.

Upcycled Tire Swing

Image Source NeedleMind

The Upcycled Garden Stick

Upcycled Garden Stick

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to label all of your plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Simply carve down some old twigs from your garden and label away.

Image Source Etsy