gasoline tank

Moving day is an exciting day for most as it signals the end of months of stress and frustrations to have everything all packed and organized for this special day. But don’t be too surprised if you see a few grim faces walking around when moving day arrives. The grim look is probably as a result of the movers refusing to move a few of the homeowner’s household items. Is it unethical? No, definitely not.

If you have a scheduled move plan for the near future you need to read this first before you start packing your boxes. For there are certain items that your movers are not allowed to move for you and it has everything to do with their personal safety and of course abiding by the law.

Your moving company would not be able to move your animals and pets. If you are moving with pets you would have to make other arrangements for them because the law states that pets are not to be transported in the mover’s truck. For you to take the pet to your new home you would have to drive your personal vehicle to your new destination with the animal placed either in a cage or a carrier. Similarly, plants are also prohibited from being moved to another location that is some 150 miles away.

Sure you can move your plants to another town or maybe nearby to where you currently live but to uproot the plants and take them over 150 miles away could very well put you into the next state over and this is definitely not allowed. In addition, you also would not be able to load on flammable and combustible items such as gas cans, propane tanks and gasoline and items deemed hazardous such as pesticides and fertilizers would also have to be transported another way.

And while the following items may not be restricted by law, for your own safety you should transport your own valuable items such as jewelry, cash, important documents and any other like items so that you are sure that they get to your new destination safely.