moving with baby

Moving to a new house is a beautiful experience for a family. However, with a baby, everything is much more complicated. Babies are very sensitive and have special needs that need to be addressed. Combine this fact and the physical demands of travelling, disaster can be brewing.  Because of this, family who is planning to move with a baby should have the proper knowledge and useful techniques on how to make moving with a baby a smooth and joyful experience for everyone.

Plan Ahead

Most of what parents can do to make moving with a baby as easy as possible lies in advanced planning. Planning ahead of time eases parents of worries and keeps the baby as comfortable as possible.

When packing things in the house, it is always best to pack the things in the baby’s room last. By doing this, parents extend the normalcy of the baby’s routine, thereby minimizing the child’s tendency to show moodiness during the actual move. On the other hand, if the baby’s stuff is packed immediately, the abrupt and prolonged change in environment will definitely stress out the baby, making it more difficult for parents to move.

If driving to the destination, parents should map the direction or the route they will be taking. It is advisable to have an alternate route in case there are road troubles along the way. In line with this, hospitals or clinics along the way should also be noted for emergency purposes.

Planning the driving route also allows parents to mark their maps for stopovers so they can feed or change the baby as frequently as possible. This is not only convenient for the baby, but also for the other members of the family as well.

When the travel is expected to last more than a day, parents should book a comfortable hotel in advance. By reserving a room to stay in for the night, they can be assured that they will not have to unnecessarily waste time looking for accommodations with the baby and all their baggage in tow.

The night before moving, parents should make a checklist of the items, particularly the baby essentials, they will be taking with them in the car. Such items include but are not limited to diapers, drinking bottles, formula milk, baby food, baby wipes, baby powder, extra clothing, some toys, and medications, if any. This checklist will prevent the family from running out of stuff they need and having to make an unscheduled stop.  It will also give parents ready access to necessities for immediate use, instead of having to go through boxes after boxes just to locate an item.

During the Move

The first thing that parents should keep in mind during the move is that it is very important to keep the baby calm. When in the car, a baby can become very irritable and moody, so it is best not to overcrowd the vehicle. If the family is big, parents should either use two cars or take a bigger vehicle so the baby’s comfort needs will be met.

Although being in a car for a long time is a big change in the baby’s routine, parents should still opt to keep everything as normal as possible. If a baby is fed during a particular time, parents should make sure that this schedule is not broken. The same thing should be followed regarding the baby’s sleeping pattern. Abrupt changes in a routine are very stressful for a baby. This is why parents should not stray too far away to what the baby is used to.

When the baby is still not comfortable travelling in the car, parents try other things to keep him entertained.  Toys can calm and keep the baby occupied. Playing children’s music can also help.

After Settling

After a family reached their new house, the baby’s room should be set up first. It is recommended that the nursery be set up like the one in the former house. This will help the baby to adjust to the new house.

Overall, moving with a baby can be either of the two things—a fun and memorable moment or an experience not worth remembering. It is ultimately up to the parents what becomes of their own moving experience with their baby.