saving money

moving on budgetMoving already offers enough complications on its own, but when you are on a budget all of sudden moving seems a lot more difficult. Sometimes we just don’t have the money to throw at the problem of moving, so we end up having to pinch the pennies to try to get this move done. These tips will help you get through your move on a lower budget, and honestly, even if you aren’t on a budget these are good moving tips to follow.

1) Get Rid of Stuff

Downsizing will not only save money in the process of moving, it will also make a moving significantly easier to do. Consider selling items through Craigslist, a yard sale or consignment shops to get a little extra cash to ease some of the money strains of a move. If you plan on selling stuff, begin this process early, because it can take some time to sell all the items that you want to. Items that you can’t sell consider donating or throwing away.

2) Start Packing Early

The more of a move you do yourself, the less you have to outsource any of the labor. By packing and organizing early you make it a lot easier on yourself too! Not to mention the next tip is a lot easier if you start preparing for it advanced.

3) Improvise Packing Materials

Packing materials cost a lot if you buy them from a store. It should be a crime how much places sell boxes and packing material for. Fortunately, it is easy enough to take some shortcuts to get around the expense of actually buying packing materials, and as a bonus, it is more environmentally friendly to take the following approach too.

For boxes, ask local businesses and restaurants if it would be okay if you had some of the boxes they were going to throw out anyway. For packing materials, use sheets, clothes, and newspaper to pad delicate items. Tape and magic markers you can buy at the dollar store to save a little extra money.

4) Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help moving from family and friends. It is the social norm to offer food and drink in exchange for help with a move, but if you can’t afford that nicety at the moment most people will understand. You can either try to exchange favors with them, offer a rain check or tell them “you owe them one”.

5) Consider Hiring Movers

If you need to hire the assistance of movers, it isn’t the end of the world. Hiring movers is actually a lot cheaper than most people think especially if you don’t owe that much stuff. Call around to explore different pricing options or visit MoversCorp to compare the moving rates, and try to choose one that fits within your budget. In the end, hiring professionals to handle moving your items will also prevent the risk of hurting yourself during a move, and the inconvenience and cost of injury would add up to a lot more than just hiring movers in the first place.