top cities to move

Moving can be a beautiful thing since it allows you to start life anew in another city, perhaps another state. For those who are contemplating moving to another city, we have a few suggestions about the top best cities to live in. Leading the pack for best cities is lovely New York. Truly the city that never sleeps, New York is bursting at its seams with lots to see and do.

On any given night you can find a variety of bars or restaurants where you can visit to relax and unwind with friends or perhaps you may choose to see a stage play on Broadway or spend your evening snapping your fingers to music from a live jazz band at one of the many jazz cafes. If you decide to move to New York be prepared for an influx of tourists who are also fascinated with this big city. The rentals on apartments or houses are expensive and so are the prices on homes that you buy there.

Nevertheless those who have rented or purchased a home in New York would attest to the fact that it is truly worth it. Like no other state, New York has one of the highest multi-ethnic populations so no matter your race or nationality you would always find yourself fitting in. This diversity is also evident in the restaurants and the food served there as well. Whether you choose to live in the city on in the suburbs you are always sure to be within close proximity to public transportation.

New York is famous for limited parking space, narrow elevators and many stairwells in the apartment buildings so make sure you choose a moving company that would be prepared to handle the aforementioned challenges.

Another great city to move to is Austin, Texas. As an Austin resident, you will enjoy the breathtaking beauty as the city abounds with rivers, lakes and rolling hills. Scenic views aside, Austin is also big on entertainment. You can head out to hear live music or visit an art museum among other things. Jobs are easy to obtain here and the cost of living is relatively low.

In addition, it is easier to own your own home in Austin as there are many reasonably priced houses here. The weather here is predominant sunshine for those who hate the cold winter weather but look out for congested traffic on a daily basis.

Other cities that are great to relocate include Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon and Dallas, Texas. And cities such as Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut and Salt Lake City, Utah have all been identified as the romantic cities to live in. No matter the city you choose to move, if you are doing so with children, make sure that you enroll them into schools that will suit their needs.

The Internet is quite resourceful in determining which schools are best as you are able to get feedback from parents as well as you can also get an insight on the school’s success rating.