luggage load

As most would know, you could save a lot of money if you decide to rent a truck and move yourself and your family to your new location. Not only does this save money but you are also saving a lot of time as well. With a do it yourself move it means that you are also going at your own pace so this means that you are never rushed to get your items all packed up and ready to go. Rather you can take days or maybe weeks in advance to get everything together in preparation to move.

For some of you, your DIY moving project may be a first time effort and so you may be a bit in the dark as to how you should pack your household items in the truck to ensure that they arrive safely at your new location. With a DIY project such as this, there are risks involved. First, there is no moving insurance involved here and there is no one to blame but yourself should the items get damaged or destroyed either. With that said, here are a few tips that you can use for packing and securing your items in the truck.

One of the first things you want to do is to evaluate the number of items that you have in your home and select the right size truck for the moving project. You want to select a truck that you can fit everything in quite comfortably and not pick a vehicle that would have too much space left over. If you choose a truck that is too big, what could happen is that your items would eventually be sliding all over the truck’s storage area as it moves and this could ultimately cause damage to your items.

Next, load up the truck with the heaviest items that you have. By doing this you are helping to steady the truck as you travel to your new home. Experts say that it is always best to place the items that you frequently use at the front of the truck’s storage area so that you would have easy access to it. Also at the front wall of the truck you should pack the heaviest items such as your refrigerator, sofas, large cabinets etc.

Your dining room chairs, bookcases and tables and other such lighter items should be packed to the back of the truck’s storage unit and at the walls of the truck you should put your mattresses, tabletops, box springs and mirrors in an upright position.

Before securing them tightly with a rope, you should cover up your mattresses and sofa to prevent them from getting dirty or damaged as the truck starts to move. Mirrors and pictures should also be protected with pads or some other protective material as well. And when it comes to packing your boxes you should load the lighter ones on top of the heavier ones. By the time you have completed loading the truck, items should be tightly stacked so that they would not be swaying this way and that by the time the truck is ready to pull off.