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How to move long distance with your car

Probably one of the biggest obstacles that could come your way when making a long distance move is having to relocate with one or more cars. Moving your car to your new location can be so costly it is no wonder that people who move end up either selling or donating their vehicles locally. If you do not want to part ways with your vehicle, you may be tempted to drive your own car across the states.

But even that option can be a tricky one in that depending on the distance you can rack up a pretty high price at the pump and polling stations. In addition, the durability of your vehicle and its age could either work for you or against you.

There are many steps that you have to take should you decide to move with your car. One of the first things that you have to do is to make sure that your car passes the emissions and safety standard tests. Since these tests are different in every state that you go, it would be wise to call up your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and get more information as it pertains to the cost factor of the tests and other requirements to make your move possible.

Next, you would also need to adjust your insurance since moving to a new state can either inflate or deflate your insurance costs. Once you get the insurance and safety standard tests out of the way, then you are ready to choose your moving options. One of the ways in which you can move your car is by employing the services of a auto mover. If this is your method of choice you should take comfort in the fact that your vehicle would be loaded on a flatbed or enclosed truck and be transported to your new location.

Of course, comfort comes with a price and using an auto mover is an expensive addition to your already large moving bill. This is because distance, the operating condition of your car, its size and weight and make and model among other things are taking into consideration before you are given a price. Then too we have not even included the price that you would have to pay the hauler and the insurance that they provide as well.

Expert auto movers would tell you that the cost of moving a vehicle can be anything around $1100 or more. One way in which you can cut the cost is by using your own auto insurance as opposed to that of the halter. You can also abort the idea of using an auto mover and opt for a terminal-to-terminal type of service where your car would be transferred to your new town without the extra cost. Your best bet would be to call a terminal employee who would be better to assist you with information on this.