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Summertime is usually the month that most people choose to move home; the fact that the kids are on break from school and the weather is mostly sunny makes this time of year a particularly popular one. But even while summer conjures up the brilliant sunshine in the nation, one also must not forget the rainfall that is also likely to show up as well.

True, the rain is a welcoming change especially when there have been days of record-breaking heat. And while those who work outside would welcome the rainfall to keep them cool, rain is indeed a mover’s nightmare that could very well impede progress during moving.

A little bit of rain would never cancel a move. However, if it is a thunderstorm type of scenario, then you are better off changing the moving date. For those who are unable to put off moving day because of legal landlord issues, then be prepared to put in that extra work to protect your furniture from the elements.

For your furniture, it is best that you use some heavy duty tarp to wrap or cover as well as plastic, the latter especially when covering mattresses and sofas. Avoid the use of shrink wrap as water can still seem into it.

Moving the furniture to and from the truck in the rainy weather can also be tricky. True, the top portion is covered and protected but what about the bottom part of the furniture that may have to touch the wet or muddy ground?  Moving experts would advise that you make a walkway out of either old carpets or rugs for which you can drag the items into the house.

On moving day, ensure that you make the movers’ job as easy as possible. You can do this by using lots of sheets, towels, blankets, whatever you can find to lay in the house to prevent the movers from slipping. You want to lay them out smoothly so that the movers would not trip or fall. You simply cannot ask the moving crew to remove their shoes when they enter your home. That’s why it is important to either spread material on the floor or simply have a mop handy to clean up the mess.