working from home

Working from home is a blessing to most but it can definitely be a curse especially when you find yourself having to relocate to another home. For one thing, moving your home office means that you would be spending less time on your work and more time packaging and labeling your moving boxes. Even when you are all moved in, you would be too fatigued to resume work or even try to set up your home office again. In order to make this move work for you without you having to lose too much time and ultimately most of your wages, it would be best to come up with a good plan for moving.

It is not easy trying to go look for houses, get packing and then try to meet your work deadlines at the same time.

To minimize your time spent on house hunting you can take an hour or two breaks from your daily work to check the home and apartment online listings. Most of these rental/ sale listings offer you a chance to take a virtual tour on the Internet where you can view the property room by room. Some of these websites would even allow you to view the exterior of the property so that you would know just what you are getting.

You will find that by taking the virtual tour you would be saving on gas and mileage and of course, you would be cutting your time in half as you have already narrowed down your favorite properties to visit in person.

If you have an online business then it would be easy for you to rent or live anywhere, but if you have walk-in clients and you are renting a home, then you should get permission from your landlord about having clients come to your home. Some landlords may request that you get a home business license. If that is the case then you should search the Internet for resources in your state.

After you have tied up that business end of your move, signed on the dotted line for your home and contacted a moving company that would get you there, your next step would be to inform your clients about your move making sure to let them know that you would be taking a few days from work in order to do so.

Schedule your move around your slowest work week so that you can play catch up within a few days after you get to your new home. For rush jobs, it may be well worth it to find a virtual assistant to help you with the workload so that it would be manageable by the time you get back to it. Pack all your household items leaving your computer for last. This way you can still check your work and your clients in between your moving preparations.

When you are finally ready to pack up your computer, be sure to back up all your files before shutting it down. A thumb drive is a good gadget for you to save your files on as it is small and compact and can store a lot of information.