reasons not to move

Listen, we are a moving marketplace, so obviously we directly benefit from you moving. Still we have a heart, so we want to offer some sound advice of when not to move. Often people end up moving away only to regret in the end. While no move will ever be all sunshine and roses, some moves just are definitely not meant to be. Here are a variety of reasons that really aren’t that good enough reasons to pack up everything and start over in a completely different location.

On a Whim

Why not move? Millions of people to move every year, so why shouldn’t you join in on the party? News flash: most of the people who move have a legit reason to do so if they have any brains up in their noggin’. Moving is a stressful and expensive pain in the butt which does not always work out in the long-run, so moving just for the heck of it isn’t a wise idea.

moving for an adventure For an Adventure

Moving to a new place when you are young and free of responsibilities can be okay if you plan for it not to be impermanent. The more we age though sometimes it is better just to go on a vacation everyone once and a while rather than picking up everything and starting life all over again. A swanky vacation costs a lot less than moving in the long run, and it is also a lot more relaxing.

To Run Away from a Problem

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just re-locate to solve life’s serious problems? Unfortunately, moving usually causes more problems than it solves. Not to mention that there is no problem that you can run away from, and you will eventually find yourself facing down the same issues maybe just in a different house.

To Find a Job

Unless you already have a job, do not count on moving somewhere and finding employment if at all possible. Websites, the news and your cousin Joe may say the job market is great there, but that doesn’t guarantee you employment as soon as you move to the location. Not to mention usually where the job market is great the cost of living is not cheap, so your savings to get by until you get a job will quickly dry up.

You Went on Vacation There and LOVED IT!

Visiting somewhere and living somewhere are two completely different things. Falling love with an area is fine, but you have to do a lot of research before deciding if this is the right place for you or not. Not to mention you should probably visit again with the intention of scouting out exactly what it would be like to live there. This means taking a good look around the area to help gauge different aspects of the place that will impact your quality of life.

no friends when movingYou Have no Friends Where you Currently Live

Unless demographics make it impossible for you to find any friends, this is not really a good reason to move. In order to make friends you’ve got to put yourself out there and try often. This will not change from area to area. Before hopping ship, make sure you put effort to make friends where you live already, because people are the same for the most part no matter where you go.

The Cost of Living is SO much Less

Usually when the cost of living is low, the jobs surrounding that area pay less. Make sure to do your math before committing to saving so much money in theory!

You Want an Old Home

I have one word for you: repairs. Old homes are without a doubt gorgeous, but they are always a work in progress that requires time and money to maintain. If you really want to live in an older home, plan on spending the needed resources to keep the home functioning properly.

You Want to be Near the Water

Everyone wants to be near the water, because it is obviously gorgeous and fun. Living near water comes with its own set of problems between cars rusting, natural disasters, flooding basements and undrinkable water. Research thoroughly all of the problems that come with moving near the water then assess whether it is worth the risk to you or not. P.S. You could always move driving distance away from the water to make day-trips a possibility without having the same amount of risks and costs!

You are Sick of the Weather Here

The grass is always greener. Most places in the world there are some variables in weather. While it may seem like paradise during a certain time of the year, it may end up feeling like hell in a different season. Plus, those places where it is sunny and pleasant all the time usually cost a pretty penny.

You are Sick of the Local Drama

There is a drama everywhere. End of story. You can’t run away from it.