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You have a strong desire to move from your current location. Are you doing so for the right reasons? With job loss being a current trend and the economy being what it is today, you should keep in mind the old adage that says “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” when thinking about moving. In other words, it is best to stay where you currently live unless you are faced with the following situations and can financially afford to do otherwise.

One of the main reasons why people move is because of the lack of space. You may have welcomed a new member into the family equation and so this may turn out to be a congested situation especially if you already have three other children in the mix. With four children plus mommy and daddy, there is no way they can all feel that comfortable in a two bedroom home. Moving into a four bedroom is what you should aspire to especially if you want all the kids to have their own room and of course to have your space back with your spouse for entertaining guests or just recouping that “we time”.

Another good reason to move with kids to another city is to be able to get your children in better school than they currently attend. Since school placement is based on where you live your child may be selected to go to a school that you do not necessarily approve of or which may have a low success rating. Even before you move you should check out the schools in your new neighborhood and its success rate and standard of education that is offered.

Next on the list of reasons why a person should move is the issue of commuting to and from work. Jobs may be hard to find in your current city and you may have gotten lucky with your dream job which may be an hour away. Since no one enjoys a long commute to and from their job the best thing to do is to move closer to your new workplace.

Before moving, ensure that you are over your probationary period and in permanent status at the job to avoid having to lose your job in the middle of organizing to move.