moving house plants

Houseplants can really add depth and a level of comfort to any home. Even plants that adorn your front lawn serve as the perfect welcome mat for those who drop by. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving to another home, the plants are the first things to go as they find new homes with the neighbors and friends.

Those who leave plants behind do so because of how fragile and not to mention stressful they are to relocate. No one wants to move a plant that looks healthy one minute and then wilted and yellow the next as soon as the plants get to the other location. Not to mention replanting can also be a difficult chore especially when you have other items in your home to relocate.

Thankfully there are ways in which you can safely move your plants to the new location and have it looking as the first day you bought them home. For those who are moving outdoor plants to another state, you would first have to gain approval from the Department of Agriculture. The reason for this is that plants do not only carry diseases but they also make great homes for bugs as well. And since it can easily infect other plants when replanting in new soil, the Department of Agriculture would first need to check your plants to make sure that they are safe for moving.

When moving houseplants, on the other hand, the physical aspect to relocate is much easier as you can basically load it into your car and drive to your new location. What is recommended though is that you sterilize the potting soil. To sterilize the potting soil you would first have to take to mix at least five cups of soil with one cup of water in a roasting bag. Without tying the bag’s top, placed it on a baking sheet on low temperature. Insert a meat thermometer in the bag and get the soil to get to 170 degrees before you turn down the heat some more. The temperature should not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are not up to experimenting with sterilizing your soil, you can always take your plants to a nursery where they would be checked out for insects and of course get the soil sterile. Moving experts also recommend that you transport your plants in plastic containers rather than ceramic pots so it can fit comfortably in moving boxes.