stressed girl

Today’s guest post provided by Matt from Find Good Movers.

There are several ways to help make moving easier including hiring movers and relocation services. You can keep track of all of your belongs are by writing a list of the contents of each room while the boxes are being packed. Assign a number for each box and write that number on the boxes and on your master list. You can also color-code the boxes, with all of the green boxes going to the living room, etc., or make your own system, which will help keep your move organized.

Moving across country is very stressful for most people, with so many important details to keep in mind and things to do, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With advance planning, your move can be fast, efficient and even fun. Try to cultivate a calm attitude, and if certain aspects of the move are frustrating you, stop and sit for a moment. Relax your muscles, take a few slow, deep breaths and remind yourself that you can face this challenge and not be overwhelmed.

Drink a cup of tea or coffee if it calms you, or listen to your favorite music…whatever helps you to feel centered and in control. Once you reach a calmer state of being, if the job still causes you to feel stressed, delegate some of the work to others, if possible, which should help you feel less stressed.

In the months and weeks before moving day, set aside a block of time to make calls to all of the banks, doctors, dentists and drugstores that you use. They will need a forwarding address. You might want to close out your bank account if there are no branches in your new location. If you have a gym membership, find out if that company has a gym anywhere near your new home.

Do you have any prescriptions to pick up? Library books to return? Check to see if you have any tools or other things that must be returned to your neighbors, or whether the neighbors have anything that belongs to you.

After the move is finished, arrange to open each box to check the condition of your possessions while the driver is still there. If any items were damaged during the move, list each one and have the driver sign the document. If he or she refuses to sign it, call the moving company immediately so you can resolve the issue.