equipment for move

Moving can definitely be a strain on your pocket and also your body. There are probably some of you out there who are probably still recuperating from your recent do-it-yourself moving project which saw you lifting and moving just about everything with the help from friends. If you want to spend the first few weeks basking in your new home rather than in bed riddled with pain, here are a few reasonably priced products that you can invest in.

Shoulder Straps
One of the best investments that you would ever make when thinking about a do-it-yourself move is purchasing a shoulder strap. Shoulder straps are designed to take the load off your shoulder especially when you are moving large furniture in your home. Most shoulder straps double as a dolly and are able to move everything from a large screen television to a washing machine.

They are inexpensive and can move items up and down the stairs which make things much easier on your body when moving. When using the shoulder straps for moving, you should first get some assistance from a friend or two in order to make this moving process go smoother. The friends who are willing to assist you should also have shoulder straps on moving day as well.

It’s quite simple to use a shoulder strap but your lifting method could be detrimental to your body if you are not doing it right. If you have to move a large item like say a dryer, for instance, the best way to do so is to place the item between you and your friend. Don’t worry too much about the weight of the dryer because the shoulder strap would take on most of the weight as it can take on close to 800 pounds. What the shoulder strap would do is to elevate the dryer so that it is never touching the floor when moving. This is a good thing since you don’t have to worry about it destroying your floor especially if you have tiles.

Hand Trucks
Hand trucks work exceptionally well when you have to relocate your furniture and appliances on moving day. Not only is it designed to save you time when moving but it also allows you to move these heavy items without putting your back out. Without a hand truck one can easily have lower back injuries even if they are only lifting a moving box. Most hand trucks are made of steel or aluminum or even durable pipe frames. You can fit close to 600lbs on a hand truck which is also on wheels.

Back Brace
Finally, you would also want to invest in a back brace to assist with your moving project. Back brace can really save you some money at the chiropractor after moving day as it reduces the discomfort on the lower back when lifting heavy items and it also tapers abdominal support panels. It’s easy to wear as there are adjustable clips that would allow you to slide in and out of it well and it also comes with elastic suspenders.