moving cabinets

Armoires and cabinets are indeed attention catchers, the beauty of this decorative furniture can suddenly be diminished especially as moving day draws near. It’s the type of cumbersome furniture that one would rather leave behind if it were not for their effective storage qualities. Plus relocating with this type of furniture can be a great challenge. Here are a few ways in which you can easily move armoires and cabinets without the fuss and stress.

One of the first things that you should do is to remove the items that are packed into the armoire and cabinet and place then in boxes for moving. If they are fragile items such as porcelain ornaments and the like, be sure to bubble wrap them a few times before gently placing them in the box. When it comes to your cabinet, it would be wise to remove the shelves (if they are indeed removable) and put them aside.

These shelves should be placed in another part of the truck for moving since you do not want it to slide out and damage other items in the vehicle. You should also think about removing the doors of the cabinets as well; a rough drive can make it catapult to God knows where in the back of the truck.

There are some who may have armoires and even cabinets that have glass doors; these can be very tricky to move. When you get to this part you can either call on professional movers to assist you if you think you would make a mess of it or simply use a moving blanket over the area as it is made for protecting fragile items such as these.

We also recommend that you also remove the drawers in the cabinet or armoire rather than taping it to stay sturdy. By taking it you would be giving yourself an extra headache as most of the times the tape would is hard to remove and would ultimately destroy your furniture.

Another option for holding the drawers and doors in place is to get it shrink wrapped. Shrink wrapping an item such as this is a tedious job, but it’s worth it especially when you are trying to protect items such as these.

If you want to remove the doors and drawers instead one of the first things to do is to remove the screws and set them aside in a Ziploc bag and label so that you can locate them easily when you move. Once that is completed and set aside, then it times to remove the drawers and doors those of which you should also wrap in moving blankets.