moving couple

For recently married couples, moving in together can be an extremely daunting task, especially if the husband and wife lived apart while courting. When they make the decision to move in together the real headache comes when they have two of everything and no place to put them. Then there is the case in which person’s furniture do you keep in the new home? This is definitely not the way you want to start your life together as a couple. If you are in this current situation, here are a few moving tips for you to keep your union together a blissful one minus your property issues.

In some cases, not only would you and your mate have to decide on which extra household items to keep if you both own homes then that too can be a bit tricky as well. The obvious choice would be to move into the home that is the larger of the two especially if you have plans on starting a family within a year or two. If you are prepared to move into your mate’s home, then there should be a compromise where furniture preference in the home should go to the one who has given up his/ her house.

As pleasant as moving into your mate’s home may look on paper, it really is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why to avoid conflict, couples prefer to sell both their homes and purchase a new one so that they can have a fresh start. Even more than that, purchasing a new home would also give you control of the space that you want in the home; you may purchase a home with a basement and attic where you can store the extra furniture that you have.

Now let’s just say that your budget only allows for you and your mate to purchase a small sized home. Then even before the wedding the two of you need to sit down and take inventory of everything that you have including the duplicated items. This would give you a better sense as to where you both are with your household items. Then you can start off by eliminating some of the items that you have identical products.

The newer of the two items should also be kept for yourself while the older items should be sold at a moving garage sale or among friends and family, those who may have attended the wedding. When you are ready to move and you hire the moving company make sure to have all the furniture waiting in one of the houses so that the movers would have easy access to them.