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We salute the men and women of the military for and their spouses their unwavering dedication to fighting for our freedom.

The life of a full-time military person involves extensive moving either within the country or far away in another country. Usually, when the military person moves, he is allowed to take along his spouse as well as children. Since relocation is often frequent, it is quite easy to lose important documents. Even worst, the transition can be severely stressful especially if kids are involved. A successful military move begins with planning and preparation a month in advance.

The military would send movers to your home to get the larger items but you are still responsible for securing your other items such as jewelry, money and even the serviceman’s gun. Within the month before you move, you should separate the items that you want to take with you and the others that you would prefer to leave behind. Get rid of the items that you do not want by either selling it on an auction website or by hosting a local yard sale or you can even donate it to charity.

A military home is filled with paperwork which includes orders, certificates and medical records in addition to personal documents like birth and marriage certificates and grade school reports for the kids among other things. Gather all the paperwork and place them in a folder where the documents are well protected with plastic. Your social security cards, children’s medical information, and car insurance documents should also be placed in this folder. It would be wise to purchase labeling tags so as to stick on the plastic to help you better locate your paperwork when you need them.

Documents aside there can also be an abundance of photos as well. For this, you can invest in one of the many photocarriers that are out there or you can place them in a photo album to later stack in boxes. Plastic containers sell for very cheap at the dollar stores are also ideal for storing your photos.

You will receive an inventory form to sign when you receive your orders. Remember to list everything that you have in your home by brand name and quantity so that if your items were to get lost or damaged, it would be replaced with the money for the identical product. Properly pad, seal and label your boxes and also list them on the form as well. Do not sign the form until you are satisfied that you have listed everything that you are taking with you.

When it comes to the children, accentuate the positive sides of moving to your children so that they would not be too stressed about it. However, if your child is still despondent after your talk, then you can ask the military’s family program representatives to provide you with more information on how you can assist your child.

The family program is very resourceful and may have a professional that they can send out to your home to talk to your child. Finally, make sure that all your utility bills and phone bills are paid off or transferred if you are relocating within the state. And do not forget to have your mail forwarded to your new address as well.

Written by Margarita Hakobyan
Margarita Hakobyan is CEO and Founder of