last minute move

Now that moving day has finally arrived, you may have everything all packed, labeled and ready to go. As you wait for the movers to arrive, there are a few loose ends that you need to tie up before moving to your new home.

One  of the first things that you should do before the movers arrive is to control your pets. No matter how playful you think your pet is no mover should be subjected to having a dog barking and dancing around them as they move your household items. The end result of a dog playing around while the movers’ work would not be pretty; a mover can very well trip over the dog sending your belongings in the air. A pet’s place during moving day is in his doghouse or on a leash in the back of the house to prevent excitement when he sees the movers.

Next on the list is to be courteous to your current neighbors. There is nothing more annoying than living next to someone who is moving and they are disturbing others while they are at it. This scenario can get even more stressful when you choose to move during the night. If you have control over when you move you should opt for hours that are close to noon and no later than 5pm. As you move, ensure that the moving truck is parked in a place that does not block other people’s entrance to the door or the road.

Your mover should never have to walk in someone’s yard as a shortcut to get to yours; ensure that this does not happen. After the movers have packed up everything in your home, make sure that you tidy up the front of the home as well.  If you have thrown out large items from your home that you no longer plan on using, don’t be tempted to leave the items near the sidewalk. Instead, take them to the nearest dumping area.

Finally, always have your cell phone handy so as to communicate with the movers as you journey to the new home. Moving experts would advise that you get to your new home before the movers do so as to continue to smooth move by having your new space opened up and ready for them to offload and pack.

Even if for some unforeseen reason you cannot get there before the movers do, then first let the movers know and have a relative or a friend on standby who can get there sooner than you can.

It is important to keep the movers in check with every thing that you do every step of the way. Even if you are moving out of town and have to fly to your new location, you should also have someone at your new home just in case
your flight gets delayed or canceled.