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If you talk to a moving expert and ask them about one of the more essential parts of the moving process, they would immediately tell you that keeping a list of inventory is a good thing. This list is essential in that it would allow you to see exactly what you have in your household so that should something go missing, you have your list to show to the movers. A list is also important to track damaged items as well should the unfortunate happen.

Making an inventory list is easy; you simply go to each room in your house and itemize every item that you own there. It would be best to actually list them by room example Matt’s bedroom or upstairs bathroom etc.

In addition, keep inventory of all the valuable items that you may have in your home as well as a list of all the electronics too. Separating each category would help you keep a better tracking system for which you can quickly scan and immediately address, while the movers are still there.

You should also try to pack your items according to how they are written down and grouped on your list; you should also label your boxes accordingly as well.

Thanks to the power of technology, keeping moving inventory has also become much easier.  By using your digital camera, you can take pictures of your items or put the camera in video mode where you can not only see pictures but also vocally record each item. If you are using the still picture function, detailing is very important to capture on film.

For instance, if you have brand new items you should zoom in to show how impeccable the items are before moving day. That way should they get damaged the movers would never get the chance to say that they picked up the items from your home in that condition. When you start talking your still pictures, also ensure that the date and time are set on the camera. Videotaping inventory is quick and easy than still pictures; you can also use the zoom feature to identify special detailing on your items.

Remember that even if you are using the above form of technology for inventory, you could never go wrong with having a backup paper list. If you can’t get both the list and videos done, ask a family member to assist you.