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Moving into a new location is an event which will not only change your life but also your relationship with your colleagues and employer. Because of this, it is crucial to make a careful decision whether to move or not based on its impact on vital areas of your life. One area, which you should carefully evaluate before deciding to relocate, is your career.

Note that your relocation might require you to leave your job especially if your new location is too far from your present office. This might also result in looking for a new job which is close to your new home. One of the most challenging parts of this decision involves figuring out how to tell your employer that you are moving, which is the main reason for tendering your resignation.

It is crucial to make sure that you resign while still reinforcing your professional image and maintaining a positive relationship with your employer. Tell your employer about your decision to move in a nice way to ensure that doors will still remain open for future opportunities.

Make sure to continue building positive relationships with your employer and colleagues, instead of damaging them. Some of the best tips in informing your employer about your relocation without damaging your relationship in case you also need to resign are the following:

1. Find the Right Time

Choosing the right time to tell your boss about your relocation is crucial in preventing him from getting annoyed by your sudden decision. However, it is quite hard to decide the perfect time to do this. A wise tip is to break the news at least a couple of weeks to a month of your actual moving date. This will give your employer ample time to prepare for your departure. This can also help them in immediately searching for a replacement. It should also be noted that most employees believe that the most ideal time-frame to inform the employer is between two to six weeks.

2. Assess the Kind of Relationship Established by You and Your Employer

This is important in figuring out the right way to notify him about your impending relocation. Assess your working relationship, and the way your communication is handled. This can help in deciding how to approach him. The best way to do this is to talk to your employer personally. This will support face-to-face conversations that also offer ease in clearly and concisely explaining your decision to leave the job or move to a new location.

If possible, avoid notifying him through phone or email since this is quite impersonal. This also has the tendency of conveying a wrong message which can hamper your reputation.

3. Say Goodbye with Professionalism and Class

Aside from working out your at least 2-weeks notice, it is also advisable to leave your present job with professionalism and class by saying goodbye to your colleagues, as well. A wise tip is to send a formal note to them through email. It is also advisable to include a brief statement in your email about where you plan to go. This will help in seamlessly closing this part of your employment history.

Saying goodbye formally to your employer is also a good way to show that you treasure the time you spent in the company.