choosing moving company

You owe it to yourself to perform extensive research on every aspect of your move this summer from choosing the right mover to getting detailed information on the neighborhood that you are moving into.

Summertime is no doubt the peak time for moving. It is also the time when new moving companies pop out the woodwork to capitalize on this busy and lucrative moving time. This is usually the season when a lot of people make bad moving choices by going with the first moving company that they hear about without even conducting research on the company; a reasonable fee usually gets the movers the job.

Don’t be fooled; not every moving company has your best interest at heart. Most of them are just in the business to make quick and easy money. With that said, be very careful about how you select your moving companies.

One of the first red flags when shopping around for a mover is the response that you would get when you phone the moving company. Moving experts would warn against employing the services of any moving company representative that answers the phone without acknowledging the name of their company. If you call and you hear “movers” on the other line then declare it’s a wrong number and immediately hangs up. Not only is it unprofessional it also is clear indication that you may have just dialed into an unregistered moving company.

Even when you start calling what you perceive to be  “legitimate” moving companies and you plan on moving out of state, you should request that they provide you with  an interstate transport license or with their US Department of Transportation registration number so that you can research the vehicle’s information with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Whether moving in or out of state, The Better Business Bureau (BBB) would be the first place that you should check to get information on your moving company of choice. The BBB  is filled with information about the moving companies and the complaints that were submitted against them from previous customers. What is even more important is that you would also get to see how the moving company chose to resolve the complaint issues.

In addition, insist that your moving company does an inspection of your home to determine an estimated price of what your household items would cost to move. After the house inspection ensure that you get a written estimate for if a company refuses to provide you with such a document, then you should consider another moving company.

Finally, when moving into a new neighborhood you should call the police department in that area to make sure that the area is a safe and secure one. Also, if a home appears too good to be true, it usually is. We recently learned about someone who got caught up in an apartment rental offer where the first month was free in addition to not having to pay a security deposit as well.

With no background or credit check completed, the person was able to secure the apartment which contained the luxurious amenities that one can possibly think about including spa, tennis courts, pool, club-house and play space for the children. The only problem: three people were murdered in one of the apartments mere months ago and there were countless burglaries reported as well.

The vacant apartments were as a result of people moving out in a hurry after the crimes were committed. This is definitely not the kind of environment you would want to come home to. Checking in at the police department would save you unwanted stress and trouble to get out of a lease later on.

Written by Margarita Hakobyan
Margarita Hakobyan is CEO and Founder of