saving money on move

Moving can be a pricey proposition. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, you have to take into account your physical and emotional needs because moving from one place to another is a life changing experience. If you are one of those millions of people who are looking for ways to save money on a move, it would be wise to take steps and make plans before you uproot your things and replant a new home someplace else. Advance planning will really help you to ease the pressure and stress of moving as well as allow you to maximize your savings. Here are some budget-wise tips to those who are planning to haul their belongings from their current home to the next one.

Planning is helpful

Making a plan for the whole moving process is very helpful so that you can control your move and save you from breaking your bank account. It is important to consider each move, research the whole process and plan each step beforehand to achieve a successful relocation.

Make a research on different kinds of moving companies

If there are many moving companies available in your city or town, definitely, your options are countless. Each of these companies offer diverse advantages and disadvantages, all you have to do is explore each of them to make an educated decision. You may also consider talking with some people that have moved in and out over the last couple of years, and ask their experience with the moving company they choose. It is equally important to consider the actual situation when it comes to your expectation of the moving services as well as your expectation with yourself if you are capable of managing your own move.

Choose to move on a weekday or an ‘off” day

According to a research, if you relocate at the end of the month, on the 15th or on weekends, you will pay more for the services since many leases are up on days which are popular dates for moving in and moving out. Indeed, some companies offer substantially lower rates during midweek or weekdays since they will not be paying overtime to their employees for weekend moves. Also, you may consider moving on the month of October because moving families or dormers can likely get a better rate.

Book ahead of time

For families or dormers who cannot avoid moving on the popular move in and move out dates, getting penciled in advanced would be an excellent idea since customers can have a bit more power on the negotiation process. If you call a moving company in advance, it is possible to negotiate on a lower rate since they know they will have a customer on that day. Just make sure you confirmed the date with the moving company and put it into writing.

List the things you are planning to haul to your next home

After confirming your schedule, it would be wise to start listing all the belongings you need to take with you. To lessen the hassle of organizing your list and to avoid forgetting anything, go room by room. After listing everything, edit the list if there is a need to make changes or delete some things.

Do not get overcharged for boxes

Yes, moving companies provide their own moving boxes, but if you get them you have to pay for them. So, in order to save hundreds of dollars, you can get advantages-of-moving-companyboxes from the recycling center of your town or city or buy low cost but sturdy boxes from online sites. Nevertheless, when looking for boxes make sure you get the right size. In the moving industry, generally, sizes of boxes come in 3 categories: small, medium and large. Also, you can save by collecting used boxes from the neighborhood.

Get a guaranteed price in writing

There are moving companies that offer low rates in their initial estimate, but once your belongings are stacked on the truck, they hike up the price. To avoid this scam, secure a guaranteed rate in advance and put them into writing or visit Movers Corp and print the prices for your records.