sad boy

If you and your live-in partner have just ended your relationship, one of you has to move out from the house. This can be very painful, especially if yours was a long-term relationship. You shared dreams, plans, hopes, possessions and even pets or kids. The good news is you can move on after breaking up and moving out, as long as you plan wisely and have support from your family and friends.

You have to grieve because you lost a partner and your home. The comfort you once knew is slowly disappearing. You invested time and effort in the relationship so you need to heal from all the pain you will experience. This will only be possible if you mourn your loss. Do not worry because this is a normal phase in separations.

Have a support system such as close relatives and friends who will help you by listening to you when you need someone to talk to. They will also help you in packing up and looking for a place for you to move in. With a support system, you can deal with the pain you are going through because you know you have people who still love you. There are many individuals who just lock themselves in their rooms and stay away from the world. This all the more makes them depressed and unable to handle the breakup.

When you have not yet moved out, sleep in various places of the house. Sleeping in the same room you shared with your partner will just depress you. Move out immediately so that you can start moving on. If you keep on seeing your ex, the breakup will just be more painful.

Once you find a place to live in, transfer your belongings there. Make as fewer trips as possible so that you do not keep returning to your old house. Your family and friends can help you move out your things so that you will not go back countless times. The more you keep returning, the more painful moving out will be.

Fix up your new house and decorate it with new things. You can repaint it, hang new pictures and buy houseplants you can care for. If you focus on your new house, you would be able to forget your old home and start moving on. When you design your new home the way you want it to look, this will be therapeutic and you become more confident and you will feel better.

Invite your family and friends to your new place and have a small party. You will become more comfortable there and your mind will be taken away from your breakup.

Do the old, healthy things you used to do before your relationship. You will regain your individuality if you do things that do not include a partner. You will not feel there is something missing in your life.

Tell yourself that what you are feeling is not permanent and sooner or later, you will heal and become a better person. The hardest part of moving on is the first phase, but seek solace in the lessons the relationship taught you. Tell yourself life continues and everything that happens will strengthen you.

If you find that your loneliness and pain do not subside, speak to a therapist. This could mean you are becoming depressed and you need to take this away from you. A professional will be able to help you with your feelings and you can be given medical advice if this is necessary.