host moving party

Moving can be both a stressful and bittersweet experience especially if you are moving out of state. But one way in which you can make the sad and melancholy feeling go away is by hosting a moving party. Moving parties allow you to gather all your friends together where you can reminisce and celebrate your move. And more than that it also provides a way in which you can exchange contacts with each whether it is online or offline. Since it would be your last shindig with your friends and family before you move, you should ensure that you make it a memorable one.

These days moving parties are growing in popularity as it offers you the opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family that you are leaving behind. Moving parties are very easy to organize especially if you are working with a party theme in mind. A theme could easily incorporate different aspects of your move in terms of location or where you are going to move. For instance let’s say that you are moving to Las Vegas. You can plan your Las Vegas moving party theme by perhaps decorating your home like a casino or by sending out invitations that utilize the Las Vegas strip. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few more moving theme ideas that you can use or incorporate in your existing theme.

If you are planning to move around the summertime, your theme should reflect this. Summer moving parties can be filled with a backyard barbecue gathering with luaus available for guests as they come in. Poolside is also a great place to host a summer moving party so if you are going with this type of party, ensure that you have someone who can look after the kids in attendance. Perhaps you may be making a military move with your spouse to another country like Germany. Decorate your home with tiny red, black and yellow German flags and make sure to have plenty of beer on hand as well as bratwurst and pumpernickel bread.

A moving party would not be complete without actual moving items. Aside from bringing a dish, have your guests bring along an item or two that could assist you in moving. This could be a moving box, Scotch tape, markers, labels, bubble wrap, etc. Items such as these can truly ease your anxiety over moving.

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