hiring moving company

How do you find movers who can be trusted with your family’s treasured possessions? Look for cheap moving companies that are well-established and have offices all over the U.S. Check out the statistics regarding the number of satisfied customers they have served, and find out how many shipments they move each year. It pays to thoroughly investigate the moving company and know how many years they have been in business, too.

Some other questions to ask are: how many drivers and vans do they have? Are all of their drivers certified, bonded and insured? Are the drivers required to pass stringent background checks as well? Have they been properly trained? Does the moving company ever hire subcontractors? If so, are those subcontractors also held to the highest professional standards? Are the subcontractors bonded? If not, then you might not want to hire that particular moving company.

If you need full service moving companies, make sure that the company provides packing, unpacking, storage service, clean up, and any other services you require. Check into the amount and type of insurance that the moving company has, since that can vary greatly from one company to another, and you want to be sure that your movers have the best, most comprehensive insurance in case any of your belongings are lost or damaged during the move.

Minimum insurance coverage, which is required by Department of Transportation law, might not be sufficient in all situations. Inspect the moving vans and trucks to be sure that they all have the company logo and are clean and look well-maintained. Keep a record of the mover’s DOT and MC license numbers.

There is also a law that many customers may not be familiar with, which requires that the movers provide you with a booklet called, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. Read it before you move so you do not have any unanswered questions or concerns, and so you are not surprised by anything regarding your rights if there is a problem with the move or with filing a claim if necessary.

Keeping detailed lists of every box and item that you are moving, and take photographs of every antique and other object of particular value to you, to have peace of mind and know that you have done all you can to make your move easier.