senior citizen sitting

Relocation is a very hard process mainly because of the sentimental value that people place on their homes and belongings. This difficulty is further increased if only certain people in the family are relocating. This is the case for senior citizens and their children. There comes a point in life where a parent needs to let go of his/her child because of several reasons.

This point usually comes during old age when no one is present in the house to constantly care for the senior citizens. Whatever the reason may be, it is often best to simply agree with the senior citizens and help them move to a new location. Here are tips on helping senior citizens to move.

Plan the Relocation

Planning the relocation of the elderly is the most important part of the relocation process because it determines the new environment and location of the senior citizens. In this step, all family members should be present so that each voice would be heard and all options would be weighed. Families should talk about the relocation plan, the date, and the location in which the senior citizens would move into. Members of the family should make sure that the senior citizens are near drugstores and medical facilities so that help will always be given when they need it.

Be Supportive and Patient

 Being supportive and patient are two important aspects that are vital in helping senior citizens to move. Being supportive involves helping the elderly pack their things. However, it is important to remember to only assist when the senior citizens ask for assistance. This is because doing the packing for them may make the senior citizens feel useless or inadequate.

Also, it is important to be compassionate since packing items is an emotionally challenging procedure. Patience is also necessary in this task since the elderly do not move as quickly as they used to in their younger years. For this reason, it is best to schedule an advanced packing date so that the senior citizens will not stress or rush the packing procedure.

Duplicate Photographs as Memories

 Memories are perhaps the most important things that the senior citizens will bring with them into their new home. Items such as pictures, video tapes, books, and anything with significant value should be brought into the new home of the senior citizens. Old photographs can be replicated so that both the elderly and their children will have copies of the same pictures. Also, it is best to take a picture of the room of the senior citizens so that they could arrange their new room in the same way.

Customize the Home

While customizing the home is not a necessity, it would help the senior citizens tremendously with their daily activities. Installation of chair lifts and assist bars would help them go to other areas of the household with ease. Remote controlled thermostats and air conditioners would also help because they can be controlled without the need for the senior citizens to stand up.