moving home plants

Uprooted: The Rick to Moving House Plants

Creating a green and welcoming environment inside our home with houseplants is a nurturing experience that helps us and the plants grow. When it comes time to move, it is no surprise many people want to go through the hassle of taking the plants with them. Moving houseplants can be a bit tricky for various reasons. By following these guidelines for moving house plants, you’ll easily be able to get through the process.

Check with State Laws

Checking with state law is especially important if you are moving across state lines or to a different county. Some states and countries will not let you move certain types of plants due to environmental concerns. These laws may seem arbitrary, but governments spend a good deal of time and money trying to eliminate foreign flora from taking over local growth. If you need to leave some plants behind due to state laws consider giving it to friends, family, co-workers or charity.

Ask Your Mover

If you are using movers, many are not willing to move plants. It depends on the mover though. They will at least be able to offer you specific advice on what you can move and how you should move it.

Remove any Pests Before Packing

Check all of your plants closely for any pests before you move. What may be a normal pest where you live now, may be a foreign species where you are moving next. Take time to closely check the dirt, leaves and stem of the plant to make sure there aren’t any hidden bugs. Then find someone who doesn’t mind touching bugs to get rid of the bug for you.

Pack Systematically

Plants will be one of the last items that you pack, because the plants are just so delicate by nature. To pack a plant, you should wrap it in plastic or tissue paper. If it is a large plant you can put a trash bag over it then seal the bottom. If you opt to use plastic, poke some holes in the surface so that you don’t suffocate the plant. Smaller plants can go in boxes, but larger plants you may have to just carry individually. When you place the plants somewhere in your car or the moving truck, put them somewhere they won’t be smashed.

Consider Temperature Control

If the temperature is going to vary widely it is a good idea to try to keep the plants in a temperature-controlled environment. If at all possible, keeping the plants in the passenger area of a vehicle is a perfect spot, because you can keep the plants at the same temperature that you are like normal conditions at home. If you will be staying anywhere overnight move the plants inside to the hotel room with you so that the cold or hot doesn’t kill them overnight.