moving trucks

Moving vehicles are essentially an important part of your move no matter how big or small. If you are self-moving and you are thinking about renting a moving van to do so, you may not be sure which type of van you should use. To avoid renting a van that may be too big or too small to move your items, here are a few things that you should know before visiting the van renting company.

One of the more compact moving vehicles is the Panel Van. Panel Vans are small in size which makes it a perfect vehicle for a small moves such as studio apartment or even a room. Even if you are not moving a small dwelling, it is also ideal for moving one large item at a time. For the latter though, if you have more than one large item to relocate, then be prepared to make several trips back and forth.

For those of you who are planning to self-move to another city, you would enjoy the convenience of a city van. City vans are enclosed and most have features that make city driving much easier. Among these features include steering wheels that are tilted which assists in navigating the vehicle throughout the city as well as they also boast of having wide windshields so that the driver can see a wider range and angle while driving.

Parcel vans are quite popular with grocery store delivery, but they are also great for moving up to 3,000lbs of household items as well. If you live in a medium sized two bedroom home with a small amount of furniture and appliances, you should rent a parcel van. One of the better features of a parcel van is that it has an enclosed cargo and in some vehicles, one can easily stop driving and get to the cargo area without even having to get out of the vehicle.

Moving a six bedroom home with lots of household items inside? Then a Straight Truck may be ideal for you. Also accommodating those with medium moving needs, one can stack close to 10,000lbs of items in this vehicle. Straight trucks are usually up to 26 feet long and it also features a cargo area.

You will need a tractor-trailer for not only moving long distance but also for moving an extremely large home or office. Tractor-trailers are up to 53 feet in length and provide enough space for you to stack every item most comfortably. The most convenient part about a tractor-trailer is that the tractor portion of the vehicle can easily be detached and placed on another trailer.

Let’s say you are moving from New York to Maryland, because of road travel restrictions the moving vehicle from New York may not be able to cross over to Maryland. What would happen is that the Maryland movers can easily detach the trailer from the New York moving vehicle placing it on their vehicle so as to continue the move.