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Let’s face it. No one wants to align with a shady moving company especially when they are risking not only their money but their household items. The sad reality is that while there are some honest and professional people who run moving companies, there are others who are in it to overcharge you without delivering what they promise.

At the end of the day, you can truly find a good moving company but there is a process you must endure before the right one is realized. If you are in no hurry to move, it is recommended that you adhere to a few guidelines that we provide here which would save you money, time and of course unwanted stress.

When searching around for local moving company, you want one that you can trust and one who would bend backward for you. There are some moving companies out there that would negotiate everything with you in order to come up with a final price that you both agree on.

You also want to align yourself with a company that can meet all your moving needs. So if you require the movers to pack and unpack your items, let this be known. In addition, if you need the company to provide you with storage services, you should also say so during your screening process of these companies.

Moving experts would tell you that you should sign up with the company that can meet all your moving needs and still stays within your moving budget. Price and service are two things that would help to separate a good moving company from a bad one but the vehicles that are being used for the move can also make or break a deal. Without having the trained eye of a mechanic, you may think that the vehicles used for transporting your items may be in good condition when it is not.

If your new moving company would have it, request that they provide you with information about the vehicle’s last evaluation from the mechanic shop. Or you can take a mechanic with you to check out the bodywork of the vehicle specifically zooming in for rusts and checking to see if the tray is durable and big enough to transport your household items.

Of course references from past clients of the moving company would help you out in a big way. And you can take things even further by checking with the Better Business Bureau to confirm the legitimacy and good or bad practices and complaints of the moving company.

Written by Margarita Hakobyan
Margarita Hakobyan is CEO and Founder of