finance checklist

Whether you’re a moving pro or novice, the experience is a busy one. It’s easy to forget to grab cash for the pet sitter on moving day or to budget for the security deposit charged by your new electric company. A financial checklist helps you prepare for and track moving out expenses. I’ve created this financial checklist to get you started as you prepare for your next moving day.

Photo by: Jessica Spengler

Photo by: Jessica Spengler

Notify Creditors

Every credit card and consumer or student loan company needs your new address. Call each creditor at least a month before you move and report your address change. That way, you receive your statements on time and don’t incur late fees.

Cancel Utilities

You certainly don’t want to pay for electricity, cable TV or natural gas at your old home when you no longer live there. Call your utility companies up to two weeks before your move and schedule them to turn off service a day or two after your moving out date. I like to pay for a bit of extra time just in case moving is delayed and because I know I’ll want to charge my cell phone for moving day. Additionally, remember to give old utility companies your new address so that they can forward your final bill.

Set Up New Utilities

Rather than calling utility companies for new service after you arrive in your new home, call your new utility companies up to a month ahead of time. Be sure to ask about any equipment, security deposit or new service fees during your initial call, and include those costs in your budget.

Forward Your Mail

The post office has paper or online change of address forms. Complete it as soon as possible and schedule mail forwarding to begin a few days before your moving date to ensure you receive all your bills, bank statements and other notices at your new address.

Settle Accounts With Local Merchants

I would be devastated if I left my favorite blouses behind at the dry cleaners, but that’s what happened to a friend. Now, I include the dry cleaner and other merchants in my financial moving out checklist. You should too.

  • Return library books instead of incurring astronomical fees.
  • Pick up and pay for dry cleaning.
  • Settle meal or activity fees at your child’s school.
  • Pay parking tickets.

Switch Bank Accounts

If you’re moving across town, simply notify the bank of your new address. A move across the state or country, however, requires you to choose a new bank and open accounts there before you move or shortly thereafter. Keep your old accounts open until you are established in your new home, and then write a letter asking your old bank to close the account and forward the remaining balance

Do A Walk Through

Especially if you’re renting, you’ll need to account for any stained carpets, broken fixtures or wall dents. Budget money to cover repairs or ask your property manager if you can make the repairs yourself. If you own your home, make sure you’ve finished all repairs as agreed upon during property settlement.

Pay the Sitter

Unless you can move with your kids or dogs underfoot, hire a sitter. Confirm the sitter’s availability a few days before moving day to ensure your precious kids and pets are cared for and safe as you focus on the move.

Prepare to Travel

Yes, you paid for your belongings to travel to your new home, but did you remember to budget your own travel? You may need to stay in a hotel overnight, stop for meals or stock trinkets for the kids. Once you arrive at your new home, you may need to buy a stash of toilet paper, cleaning supplies and snacks. Keep these expenses in mind.

Moving day is a very busy time. Stay financially organized when you create a financial checklist before moving out. What other items would you include on your moving out financial checklist?