moving art work

Your art and antiques are probably the most valuable items that are in your home. That’s why you should do almost everything to keep your items protected – even on moving day. Because you have obviously spent a lot of money being both an art and antique collector you should be aware that moving these items is no easy feat. That’s why most people employ the services of a professional art and antiques mover to get the job done.

The ordinary packaging just won’t do in this case no matter how much you reinforce your boxes with extra tape. Rather these items call for heavy duty materials such as cushiony-type materials along with sizeable crates.

But even before you get to the packaging stage, you need to first talk to a professional art and antique appraiser so that they can put a value to your property especially if you are using a local moving company that does not necessarily specialize in moves such as this.

You are also advised to take photographs of your art and antiques just in case something happens en route to your destination. Whether you choose professional art and antique mover or not, you still need to have your items packaged in customized crates which are designed to keep your items stable while it fits snugly in the crate. Your prized possessions are reinforced with cushioning pads which are thick but are also flexible enough to be wrapped around the item.

Moving experts would tell you that moving items like these are better not explored as a do it yourself project. You would be putting your items at risk for damage especially if you attempt to package the items by yourself.

However, if you must move your own art and antiques there is definitely a method involved to ensure that you get it carefully to the moving vehicle after they are wrapped professionally. To avoid scratches to the surface of your antiques they should be lifted and never dragged especially if they are heavy furniture. And if you have antique chairs it is advised that you lift them from under its seats and not arms. Be prepared to disassemble your antique tables and later to wrap the legs and the top portion of the table.

If you do not wish for the hassle of disassembling the table then you should not lift the table by its top or even the legs but by its apron which would be easier for you and your helpers to get from your house to the moving truck for moving.