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Moving is a tough, stressful time for many reasons and there are many difficult decisions to make both prior to and during your move. One decision you will have to make is whether to hire a professional moving company or do all of the packing and moving yourself.

Unless you are on a tight budget it typically makes more financial and time sense to hire a moving company. You will be able to relax throughout the moving process and will benefit from the experience the moving company will bring. Below are some issues the moving company will be able to solve which you probably wouldn’t have the resources or knowledge to accomplish.

  • Calculating Space – From the size of the truck all the way to how many boxes you will need, a moving company will easily be able to calculate the cubic footage of any job.
  • Properly Packing – Professional movers will pack your things safely, securely and more efficiently than you because it is their job. They have moved hundreds of times and will do a better job than a novice.
  • Coordinating Long Distance Moves – If you are only moving down the street or a few towns over, hiring a moving company might be a waste. For long distance moves, a professional moving company can coordinate the entire process through contracts and have a professional team to help you every step of the way.
  • Supplies and Manpower- These people handle moves all day every day. It is their job to have the correct supplies and move all of your possessions for you.
  • Insurance – If you break your own things, you have to deal with it. If something happens and the movers break something, there is insurance which will cover most anything and have a claim for you.

Hiring a professional moving company will take most of the stress out of your move. Some moving companies will even travel to your local self storage facility and load your stuff in the truck, others may not. It is probably best to get your items out of self storage prior to the movers arriving. If something goes wrong when the movers are working, they have contracts and insurance to remedy the issue. Make the smart move and hire a professional moving company.