woman walking hot day

As recording breaking heat continues to sweep the nation, the show must go on when it comes to your home relocation. Summertime is undoubtedly the most popular time for moving and when it is stacked up with winter, summertime is definitely the lesser of two evils. You have to wait for a few months for moving day to happen and now that it is a month away, here are a few things that you should be aware of during a summer move.

Even before attending to your household items, you should ensure that you stock up on a lot of cold liquids so that you and your movers can consume on moving day. A small investment in a portable water cooler would definitely keep you and the moving team hydrated so as to avoid the repercussions of the brutal heat to your health.

As you start packing your items in boxes, remember to reinforce your tape with two or three layers during the box sealing process as the summer heat may add moisture and cause the tape to eventually peel away. You would be better off if you purchase a moisture resistant, heavy-duty packaging tape which also prevents against bursts and splits.

Boxes aside, the heat can really do a number to your wooden furniture as well as your electronic items as well. By using bubble wrap or even a piece of fabric, you would be protecting your electronics from the harshness of the sun. Even your wooden furniture runs the risk of getting cracked and peeled with the moisture of the sun.

This can be prevented by applying a coat of varnish or by covering the surfaces of your wooden furniture. Remember that most of the moving trucks and without climate control settings. Protect your furniture to avoid headaches and unwanted out-of-pocket expenses.

Next, if you are still setting the day and time to move, you should select either the early morning hours or the nighttime hours from six o’ clock onwards as these are the times when the sun is less brutal. On moving day, try to make the atmosphere in your new home a comfortable one by turning on the air-conditioned unit before the movers get there so that they can enter a cool place when they arrive.

Also, before they start unpacking your items, allow them to rest for a while with some refreshments on hand. The sun has a tendency to make one feel lethargic and the rest and refreshment would definitely energize the moving crew.

Written by Margarita Hakobyan
Margarita Hakobyan is CEO and Founder of Moverscorp.com.