avoid moving scam

Depending on the type of moving company that you choose, you could be signing your way into a scam and not even know it. That is why at this forum we often reiterate about you doing your homework long before you settle for a moving company to handle your relocation project.

Scammers are popping up everywhere even in the moving company business and they are luring those of you who want to be able to move at a cheaper price. Most of these moving companies are new kids on the block and you would be lucky if you find any one of them that are licensed and certified to do business or even with a member of the American Moving and Storage Association.

Scam movers are devising many ways in which to scam you out of your money when you move and one of the more popular ways is by inflating the estimate prices and quotations. One should beware of those moving representatives who come over to your home to give you an estimate and a low quote which mysteriously gets higher when moving day arrives. The best way you can counteract this is by double checking the representative’s estimate sheet to make sure that he has not left out anything.

Most consumers have had experiences with moving representatives who have deliberately left out a room or two on their estimates only to add them to the cost of moving day.  On the other hand, there are some moving companies who love to give you estimates over the phone without seeing your household items. These moving companies work blindly as they get you to be their eyes at your home in order to evaluate what you have. This is another bad way to do business since what is quoted on the phone can suddenly become higher on moving day. Ensure that the movers send their representatives out to your home to estimate the items before you move.

There are also some moving companies that would further reinforce your boxes and possessions with their own packaging which you may assume is a free job since you never asked for it. But do not be surprised if the few extra boxes and tape that you have received from your moving representative comes up on your moving invoice. You would be better off if you keep extra boxes and packaging around, even tape to avoid this situation.

Also, more and more brokers are posing as moving companies and they are pulling the old “bait and switch” on unsuspecting consumers. You may call a moving company and make arrangements for that company’s movers to come out to relocate you on moving day. By the time moving day arrives you realize that your moving job has been passed on to another group of movers. Ensure that the company that you choose is not a moving broker company and ask them to meet the movers that they would be sending out to your home on moving day.