rental truck size

When it comes to renting a moving truck, size does matter. It’s quite easy to want to make your relocation from one house to another as a do-it-yourself moving project but you could wind up having difficulties if the truck you have rented does not quite measure up. One of the reasons you may choose to rent a moving truck as opposed to having a local moving company move you to your new home is that you want to save money.

Another perk that comes with renting a moving truck in the extra hours packing and loading your items as well. All your money-saving efforts for moving could go down the drain if the moving truck that you rent is not the right size. You want to select a moving truck that is big enough to hold all your household items so that you can transport them all with just one trip.

Choosing the wrong truck size would result in making far more trips to and from your new destination which would ultimately cost you more than you bargain for in gas and other expenses. Therefore we advise that you never assume the size of all your household items to match with a particular tray size. You want a truck that would fit all your items comfortably.

At the same time, you do not want to guesstimate and select a large truck for your few items only to have extra floor room space that would send your items rolling all over the tray either. So what can you do to ensure an accurate measurement of your moving truck?

We’re sure that most of you have used or have heard about a mortgage calculator. Well, there is actually a moving calculator that would tally up weight and volume and let you know the size of the truck that you should rent. Most of these calculators are available online and it allows you to list everything from your fridge to your stove to magazine rack and curtains for evaluation. At the end of putting in your entry, you are then given the size of truck and tray that you should rent.

Of course you can also feel free to ask a mover to assist you in finding the right size truck so you can move. See if the truck rental company is affiliated with any moving company and then find out if they can visit your home and evaluate your items.