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moving to smaller homeWhether you consider moving into a smaller home a blessing or a curse, the process requires a lot of changes. The following tips will help guide you through the process of downsizing. Don’t you worry though, moving to a smaller home may be difficult at first, but once you get used to it one day you may wonder why you ever need such a large space before?

  1. Take Some Time to Think

Fixing the problem of moving into a smaller space requires a lot of contemplation on your part if you don’t this downsizing move to turn into a total disaster. Consider what items you do and do not need to match your lifestyle. Also, you may have to think about what things you are willing to sacrifice or not. There may be some difficult choices to make so it can pay off to spend the time to think about it before acting.

  1. Sort

Now comes the time that you have to start acting towards getting the ball rolling on this move. Go through every room and storage area of your current space. Bring a box or trash bag around for items that you are willing to part with when you move into your smaller home. If you are a hoarder, set goals as to how many bags or boxes you want to fill.

  1. Get Rid of Stuff

get rid of itemsUnburdening ourselves of extra items can seem daunting at first, but many people start getting addicted to the concept once they start getting rid of things! Sell, donate and throw away as many items as you possible can. Remember, each item you get rid of is one that you don’t need to move!

  1. Consider Self Storage

If after the first four steps you feel as if not everything is going to fit into your new home, shop around for a self storage unit. It is better to store things before you move, so that you don’t have to move any items twice! It also makes it a lot easier to organize when you move into your smaller space if there aren’t extra boxes, furniture, etc. lying around.

  1. You Have Less Space Than You Think You Do

You make think you have a concept of how little space there is in the new residence, but wait until you actually try to fit everything. It is a wise precaution to take the time to measure the new space and the furniture you plan on moving into it. By taking the time to measure you prevent moving in furniture that just can’t fit into your new space!

  1. Research How to Use Space Efficiently

Browsing at furniture stores, especially Ikea, can give you a lot of ideas on how to most efficiently use a smaller space. Also, the internet is filled with articles that discuss creative storage ideas that not only look cute, but also help you use every inch of free space you have to try to squeeze everything into your new small space.

  1. Buy Organizational Items

Once you have a good idea of what sort of organizational items that you would like for your new space go ahead and get them beforehand. You may decide later that you need more or less of these types of items, so we would encourage you to keep the receipt just in case. It is also really nice if you can get into the space before the day you are moving in to set up shelves and other organizational tools.

  1. Set Priorities When Packing

When you are packing everything up, fill the first boxes and bags with items that you cannot do without. This way when you move in you’ll be able to access first the items you need. After that you can start to fit in other items that you don’t necessary need to have around, but it would be nice to have easy access to them in your new home.

  1. Organize as You Unpack

With a smaller space leaving anything like box, bags or furniture lying around is going to prove to be a huge obstacle. Try to unpack and organize as you move in, so that you don’t end up surrounded by piles and piles of boxes.