things to keep in mind

Moving can be stressful; even more so if you have a lot of appliances and furniture at home that you could not even begin to fathom how to prepare and move. This is perfectly understandable, and to make sure that you do not do anything drastic enough that you might regret in the future, the following tips are meant to serve as your guide in preparing your larger items at home before moving.

  1. List and Categorize – enter each room and create a list of all the appliances and furniture you have in there. It would be best if you categorize them according to the following: small/medium/large appliance, wood/metal/glass furniture, and sensitive electronics. This will make it easier for you to keep track of where each piece will go during loading and unloading.
  2. Size ‘em up – measure each of your appliances. If there are several items that are small enough to fit in a box, then you could pack them together. Make sure that you wrap them individually to spare them from unnecessary damages during transport. For larger appliances and furniture, the measurements are important. You will need this when you hire moving services to ensure that their truck space will be more than enough to accommodate your stuff.
  3. Cables and hoses must be bundled like roses – for small and medium appliances, make sure that all their cables are individually wound and tied up to avoid tangling and damages. Any accessories that come with these must be stored in plastic bags, labeled and boxed to make sure they don’t get lost.

For larger appliances such as washers and dryers, bind the cables and tuck them properly as you would for smaller appliances. Because these come with inlet and drain hoses, check if these can be removed from the main unit. If so, store and label them inside individual bags, and place them inside the main unit for safekeeping. Otherwise, you can tape them on the side to secure the hoses from dangling and possible damage.

As for the refrigerator, make sure that no items are left inside. Even tiny jars or a single egg that was left inside could cause your stressful cleaning and deodorizing if it breaks during transport.

  1. Newspaper and Bubble Wrap can do a lot – for wood, glass, and metal furniture, it would be wise to cover the surface, sides, and corners to keep them from accidental scratches that could destroy their finish or damage their details. Keep this in mind: even if the moving service you hire offers insurance for your stuff, it is best to spare yourself from going through the entire ordeal of getting a replacement – not to mention the heartbreak if your furniture has sentimental value.