moving with woman

moving in with womanMoving in with a woman, whether a roommate, wife, girlfriend, your mother, etc., offers a unique set of challenges for you guys out there. Even if your gal claims she is just one of the guys, chances are that she has different habits than you do when it comes to keeping house. Now we don’t mean to stereotype here, but these are general guidelines. Sometimes both men and women fall outside of the guidelines, and you can just ignore the advice that is stated.

Otherwise, after consulting with men and women alike, here are some of the things people consistently found to be surprising about the experience of moving in with a woman.

1. Flat Surface Syndrome Is Not Allowed

Do you have a habit of placing a bunch of random things all askew on flat surfaces? Well, you are going to need that cut that habit out if you want to keep the peace. Just because there is an empty spot on a counter, table or nightstand, doesn’t mean it is a good place for your junk. Before you plop down your newspaper, keys, mugs or whatever else, keep that previous sentence in mind and get rid of your junk.

2. Unless It Involves Her Excessive Amount Of Toiletries

The woman has a lot of makeup, lotion, soaps and we’re not even sure what that goo is, but a bottle of all sorts seem to float around everywhere. Chances are that there is a whole counter in the bathroom that is now her territory, and it may be difficult negotiating that space if you want some of it. Good luck!

3. She Farts, Burps And Poops

Not be crass, but she’s a human too. Some guys have this illusion that women don’t do these things, but a lot of them actually do it more than men. They make it look cute of course! (Or you better tell them that to avoid a stink- pun intended.)

4. She Goes Through Three Times As Much Laundry As You

There is no way of really telling how many times a day she changes her clothes, but judging by the looks of things it must be at least three times. The laundry loads coincide with this practice. Just try to keep your laundry day way separate from hers, so that you don’t end up waiting in an enormous line waiting for her to get through her mountain of dirty clothes.

5. She Smells Less Than You Do

We aren’t saying she is vacant of all smells, but ladies tend to have fewer odors in general. This means that she notices yours more, and that you will be scolded accordingly. Invest in some Febreeze, do your laundry often and shower regularly.

6. Her Music, Movie, Television And Book Choices Are Way Different Than Yours

Even if you thought she loved B Horror Movies as much as does, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy too! Be prepared to watch and chick flick or two in the name of equality.

7. Her Shoe Collection Is Ridiculous

There is a chance she may have only worn a couple of those pairs of shoes once or twice, but she still needs them just in case. Don’t judge unless you want to lose a limb.

8. The Dishes MUST Be Done Pronto

The sink is not designed as storage for dirty dishes. Just get used to doing dishes as soon as you take them to the sink. It is actually a lot easier to get them done when you wash them right away, but she’ll probably tell you that every time she finds a dirty dish in the sink.

9. Your Dirty Socks Are A War Cry

Remember that thing we said about guys smelling a lot more than girls. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to feet. Women have nice, dainty and clean feet, so they are not a fan of your socks, or stink bombs, thrown all over the house. Do yourself a favor and throw them in the dirty laundry bin as soon as you take them off.

10. She Needs Space As Much As You Do

Sometimes girls are unjustly classified as clingy or needy, but the truth is that guys can be that way too. Regardless of the level or clingy, both genders need their space. Make sure that everyone has their own space and time when going about the house, so that they relish in their independence.