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If your son or daughter is prepping to go away to college for the first time, an extended, eventful, drive across your state or across the country probably sounds like an alluring adventure to them. Face it, most teenagers are actually looking forward to packing their cars with everything they own and driving off to their new school in a blaze of picaresque glory. 

They’ve almost certainly even spent a dream or two on traveling the nation’s highways and byways having the kinds of “road trip” experiences they’ve seen in so many films. But you know better don’t you?  You know that the nation’s highways, though beautiful and occasionally genuinely exciting, represent hazards that simply aren’t worth either the trouble or the risk.

Say you’re in New York City or Chicago, Illinois and your teenager has been accepted into one of those popular destination schools in North Texas or Colorado. Just take a moment and think about what you know but your child doesn’t know about the nature of that road trip. Not only will they encounter a range of driving conditionsfrom mountains to featureless prairiecompletely unfamiliar to your average or suburban driver, they’ll be trekking through the kinds of open spaces prone to rendering the always as close as a cell phone motor assistance they’ve become accustomed to effectively meaningless.

Long distance drives are rarely good ideas for inexperienced drivers, especially alone teenager or a pair of teens on the open road on their own for the first time.

You and your child have enough to worry about, as you’re preparing them to begin their college lives, you shouldn’t have to add navigating the logistics of moving an automobile to the list. What you’ll want to look into is how easy it would be to take advantage of the services of a car shipping company to get their vehicle transported from wherever you are to wherever they’re going to being the next phase of their lives.  

Just calculate the expenses involved in a move, gas, tolls, rental trailers or rooftop cargo carriers and you’ll quickly realize a professional auto transport company’s services might be the safer and cheaper alternative.

Protecting Your College Student’s Move With A Car Shipper

Start by seeing if you can get car moving company referrals or recommendations from your friends and family. Especially if you know a car collector or anyone in the military. If you don’t know anyone who’s employed an auto transporter, do some research of your own. Google the heck out of the topic.

Check out the company reviews on sites like Transport Reviews or My Moving Reviews and see who’s attracting five star ratings and glowing testimonials. Once you’ve picked one drop by their site and get an instant quote.

When you calculate the car shipping rate and book the transport, remember, depending on the distance of the move, it could take four weeks to deliver your child’s car, so make sure that kind of timeframe works for you.

Preparing Your College Student To-Be’s Car For Shipping

Before your child’s car is picked up, there are a couple of things you’ll want to do or have them do. Tell them to grab the nearest smartphone and have them capture the condition of their car on video, record the mileage, the fluid levels, etc., have them remove all of their possessions.

If your child’s car has an alarm, make sure it’s disabled. Make sure there are copies (and only copies) of the car’s registration and insurance in its glove compartment. And only leave about a quarter of a tank of gas in its tank for transport.

Once the Auto Mover Delivers Your College Student’s Car

When it’s all over and your newly minted college freshman receives his or her car, be sure they know to compare it to the video they made when it was picked up by the relocator to see that it’s in the same condition. That quick car check-up will do wonders for their peace of mind.