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If you are getting to ready ship your car, you are no doubt looking into car shipping rates. The cost of shipping a car varies depending on a number of things including the distance you will be shipping it. No doubt you have already looked into shipping rates. As you go about this process, don’t forget about car shipping insurance.

Verify coverage 
Depending on where you are shipping your car and who is shipping it, you may need to get your own car shipping insurance or it may be included in the shipping fees. Typically the shipping company is required by law to carry cargo and liability insurance and therefore will have some degree of coverage on your car.

Don’t take anything for granted. Ask to see the certificate of coverage. If you need to get the insurance yourself, there are several places on line that enable you to get quotes from a multitude of providers.

Insurance covers typical bumps and scrapes
Basic shipping insurance coverage plans usually protect against a range of minor damages which are most likely to occur on a shipping project. Included in these damages are things like scrapes, cuts, scratches, damage to the bumper and mirrors, dents and other small problems.

These are the common problems that take place as the car is jostled around while flying or being transported on a boat.

Check to see what your own auto insurance covers

Regardless of whether shipping insurance is obtained directly by you or provided by the shipping service, there are some things you may want to look into. Be sure to find out what coverage your own auto insurance provides when shipping your car. Listed below are some questions you may want to ask your shipping company about the shipping insurance they provide:
• What is the amount of coverage?
• Do you cover more than the Kelley Blue Book value on cars?
• Do I have to pay deductibles?
• Do I have the option to purchase additional coverage?
• What damages does the insurance not cover? Theft? Fire?
• What parts of the car are covered by the policy?
• Are car accessories covered in the policy?
• Am I advised to remove personal belongings from the car?

It is actually rare to have problems when a car is shipped. Nevertheless, it is better to be safe than sorry. By asking these questions you can get a good idea of what is covered and what to expect from shipping insurance.

Author Bio: Martin Worthy is the Associate Director of Online Marketing at Ship Your Car Now and has many years of experience helping people move their cars long distances. Besides offering people low car shipping rates, Martin enjoys blogging about the process to help movers with tips on how to ship your car easily.