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There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes with moving into a new home. Unless you paid for unpacking services from your moving company your home would be in disarray which ultimately means there is a lot of work to be done. One of the first things that you should do is to get something for you and the family to eat at a restaurant. This isn’t the time to start fishing through your kitchen cupboards or boxes to try to locate ingredients to prepare a meal for your family.

Rather having a meal that is already prepared would give you some time to recuperate a little after the move and to build your energy to start unpacking later on in the day. After the meal, you can return home and begin unpacking the boxes starting with the ones with the items that you are likely to use immediately. These would include clothing, toiletries, linens, shower curtains, towels, dishes etc. Depending on the day of the week that you have moved in you can pretty much leave the less important boxes for unpacking during the weekend.

Next, break out the toolkit because there would be a lot of minor jobs that you would have to do around the home which would call for your screwdriver or even a hammer among other things. The tools would also come in handy for setting up the beds in each room to ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep. But even before you mount up the beds, make sure that you each take long, well-deserved baths to wash away the day’s stress and cool your frayed minds.

By the time the next day rolls around, you can choose to eat out for breakfast but if you are low on cash then stock up on some franks and hotdog rolls so that you would have something to eat most of the day while you get organized. The second day would be the ideal time to connect the Internet and cable wires, the phone and all the power strips in the home. There are some of you who may be fortunate enough to move into a home that has been pre-wired with the aforementioned services.

For those who live in homes that are not pre-wired for service then the second day would be the right time to phone the cable, phone and Internet companies to make an appointment for them to come by and install your services. Plugging in the refrigerator, unpacking more boxes and placing your furniture in their respective rooms can all be completed on the second day. Remember to go at a steady pace and do not over-stress yourself. It would all get done eventually.