unpacking boxes

For anyone who has just moved into a new home, there is the very familiar scene of unpacked boxes lying around the room. Most of the procrastination on this part of the moving project comes from not knowing exactly where to begin with the unpacking process.

For an unpacking project to go well, you should devise a plan and stick to it. If you usually get a day off from work during the week, then this would be the ideal time to start unpacking. A weekend is also a great time to unpack; you have the support of your family plus their extra hands to get things moving. We always advise that you set your unpacking project to your favorite music along with some snacks and drinks. You would be surprised how quickly and easily you would get it all done.

The trick of all this is to also start unpacking from room to room. Remember that list of household items that you made. For instance most people prefer to start packing the kitchen so that they can prepare food for the family instead of spending money to eat out. Pack up your dishes, pots pans and even stock the refrigerator with fresh grocery items and the basic foods. If you have not plugged in your microwave, coffee maker or even toaster oven then this would be a good time to do so.

After the kitchen, the next place that should be given priority is the bedrooms. Sure you have been practically sleeping on the floor in camp-out fashion; now it is important to get a good nice rest on a comfortable bed. With that said this would be a good time to get out your toolkit and start assembling your beds. Remember you did not have to disassemble your dresser so that is one problem that is out of the way. After the beds are made, the drapes should go up followed by adding your personal touch to the room with your furniture.

You may have had your bathroom halfway completed by hanging the shower curtains, toilet tissue, toothbrush and even put out a towel or two for immediate use You should now unpack the items that would go into the medicine cabinet as well as to place the mouthwash and other essentials in its right place in the bathroom.

Take your towels and store them in one of your spare cupboards perhaps the one in the hallway or close to the bathroom. And if you have extra bathroom items such as toilet tissue, toothpaste and bath soap etc, you should also store them in the hallway cupboard or where you can get easy access to it.

Finally, you should start unpacking your living room which is the biggest task that you may encounter in your move. That’s because you would be spending most of your time wiring and decorating in order to make the living area as comfortable enough for yourself and those who may stop over.