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If you have just moved into your new dream home then we say congratulations to you. There is nothing more than meaningful than settling in at a new location especially since this is a New Year and the new decade. But when the movers have gone and all your items have been placed safely inside your home, it would be time to start concentrating on properly securing your home for yourself and your family. Burglary and fire hazards are two of the foremost circumstances that could happen to a home if it isn’t well protected.

Statistics have shown that fire comes in second when it comes to unintentional death in the home. Burglary is also another crime that is plaguing so many states these days that it even eclipses the murder rate. There are a few simple and inexpensive measures that you can take that would prevent the aforementioned circumstances from occurring in your home and affecting those that you love.

Smoke alarms are highly recommended for the home but what good would it be if it isn’t working properly. Therefore you need to change the batteries as often as you can to ensure that the alarm sounds off at the appropriate time. Even if you have batteries in you should always try to check your smoke alarm as often as each month. Maybe quite as popular as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors are also highly important and becoming a necessity in the home.

Research has proven that close to 200 Americans die from the effects caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. There are many things in your home that can contribute to carbon monoxide. These include water and room heaters and even your furnace among other things. Headaches, feeling fatigued, nausea and dizziness are all the symptoms that you have to look out for as they can indicate carbon monoxide poisoning.

As we said earlier, burglary is one of the top crimes these days and even more so that the economy has taken a nose dive. You can do your part by keeping the burglar at bay by ensuring that your windows and doors and well secured. If your home features flimsy locks on the doors and windows, it would be wise to head out to a department store and purchase locks that would reinforce what you already have. Burglars tend to gravitate to a home that is shrubbery or one that has a lot of trees to hide out in, so remember to always cut them low and keep them that way.

In addition, the number of outdoor lights that you have around your house can also deter the burglar from attempting to rob your home. Finally, you should think about installing a security alarm system. True you may be reluctant to spend extra money that you may have to get a security system soon after spending a lot of money to move, but you just really can’t put a price on your safety for you and your family. Having a security alarm system would definitely be worth it in the long run.