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For those who relocate to another state, it can really be nerve-wracking when you get to your new location before your household items do. Being separated from your furniture for the first few days of moving in can truly make you feel uncomfortable more so if you are concerned about if your furniture arrives at your new location in its original condition.

What can prevent an out of state moving company from arriving to your home on time? There are actually many reasons that your items may be delayed. One of the first things to remember is that whatever timeframe that the moving company gives you, know that it is not one that is set in stone. Remember that the movers would need quite a few days to be able to get to you, especially if they are trying to get to you the legal way.

There are a lot of driving restrictions by the Government about driving a truck for moving these days; one of which restricts long distance movers from operating a truck outside of setting hours each day. Also, when it comes to the weight of your shipment as well as the miles away from your old home, this can also slow down the moving process. The further away you live from your current location, the more days you would have to give the moving company until they can get to you with the delivery.

Even before you set up your moving date with the moving company, it is your duty to let the moving company know how soon you would like to receive your items after you have moved in. True there are a lot of people who may want to get their items delivered within 24 hours or so but you would be doing yourself a favor if you were to provide your preferred dates of expected delivery so that the moving company can make a note of it.

Since the promised dates are usually recorded on the written moving estimate, the moving company is bound by law to deliver within the timeframe you specified. If the company fails to deliver at the time period promised, then they would have to compensate you for late delivery.

Compensation is usually monetary or the company may offer to pick up your food tab or hotel stay especially if the late delivery of items has affected your daily living routine. Of course, if you have the extra money to spare you can also find out about the moving company’s guaranteed delivery option.